Architectural Hardware

More than 200,000 models in door fittings alone, massive and wide range of products in stock.

Kitchen fittings for the high-end...

Our state-of-the-art kitchen fittings would make your creative kitchen ideas and lighting a reality.

Innovative interior solutions at your disposal.

Offering all range of interior soltions from architectural hardware to sanitary & applicances.

About us...

An establishment located in Kochi, pioneers in interior contracting and solutions. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with more than 15 years of experience in various multi-national companies. Our main focus is to provide 360o solutions in project and hospitality services. Our first venture is the project dealership with HÄFELE, in kerala.

Architectural Hardware

With 200,000 door fittings from every leading provider, HÄFELE has a massive range of products in stock. The huge variety of products enable us to give advise and solutions to architects, contractors and property developers in an effective manner.


Electronic Locking Systems

Dialock is the intelligent identification and locking system from HÄFELE. The transponder technology makes touchless opening and closing possible and provides optimum security, even if keys are lost.

So if you are on the lookout for the most stringiest of security standards, then Dialock is your only bet!



A vibrant atmosphere or a relaxed ambience, heavily depends on lighting. We offer you the most modern LED technology, promising longer life, lower power consumption and easy installation.

Warm White LEDs give off more yellowish/golden hue and are often used for bed and lounge room projects; Cool lights give off a bluish hue, which are incorporated in displays and decorations; Natural White creates a natural bright white luminosity ideal for bathroom and kitchen settings.


Furnitures & Kitchen Fittings

The aesthetics, ergonomics and beauty of the furnitures, define the ambience of your rooms and kitchens. All this boils down to the quality and functionality of the fittings.

Providing world-class functionality in kitchens has always been one of HÄFELE core competencies and the company is the leader in this field in many countries all over the world.


Appliances & Sanitary

Providing comfort and luxury in all spheres of life has been the major motto of HÄFELE, since its inception. Expanding their product catalogue to include Sanitary and Appliances was always their major concern.

With the introduction of products such as Chimneys, Hobs, Multifunctional Microwave oven with grill; cooking can now be more of a fun loving experience. And considering Sanitaries such as towel rails, sinks and shelves; ready-to-install and stylish are the words that best describe it!


Mini Bar & Safe

Designed for use in guest rooms, these mini refrigerators are perfect for use as hotel mini bars, guest room mini bars and B & B mini bars. Perfect for both domestic use and commercial use.

Room safes represent an added dimension of comfort and security for hotel guests. The top priority here is reliable, user-friendly and trouble-free operation.


and a lot more...